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Sunday June 14 - Dan Joseph Ensemble at Barbés Brooklyn


The Dan Joseph Ensemble was founded by New York-based composer Dan Joseph as a vehicle for his growing body of post-minimal experimental compositions. With a unique instrumentation anchored by hammer dulcimer and harpsichord, a mix of winds, strings and percussion, the ensemble sound is harmonically rich and deeply resonant, evoking a musical world both old and new; ancient and modern.

The ensemble's core members include Tom Chiu (violin), Loren Dempster (cello), Marija Ilic (harpsichord), Danny Tunick (percussion) and the composer on hammer dulcimer and conducting. Joining the group throughout it's history include clarinetists Michael Lowenstern, Katie Porter, Meighan Stoops, Matt Ingalls, Daniel Goode, JD Parran and Anthony Burr, flutists Leah Paul and Amelia Lukas, harpists Shelley Burgon and Bridget Kibbey, harpsichordists Jed Distler and Aya Hamada, and guitarist Gyan Riley.


9/29/13 - Issue Project Room (22 Boerum Pl.)
10/4/12 - Incubator Arts
5/20/11 - Construction Company
2/25/11 - Issue Project Room (232 3rd St.)
5/24/10 - Roulette (20 Greene St.)
3/17/10 - Issue Project Room (232 3rd St.)
2/26/10 - The Old Stone House
11/4/06 - The Stone
6/17/06 - Issue Project Room (400 Carroll St.)
4/28/05 - Issue Project Room (619 East 6th St.)
1/29/05 - West Goes East, CalArts at the Kitchen,
9/27/04 - 21st Century Schizoid Music, Cornelia Street Café
4/17/04 - The Construction Company
04/3/03 - Interpretations, Merkin Concert Hall
7/20/02 - Cooler in the Shade, Lotus Music and Dance

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dje Sept. 2013
Issue Project Room, 2013

Incubator Arts Project, 2012

Issue Project Room, 2011. Photo by Kevin Ryan

Spin Stuidos, Astorio, 2006. Photo by Chris Woltmann

Issue Project Room, 2010

Roulette, 2010

Merkin Concert Hall, 2003



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