Recently I have been obsessed with Yoko Ono and her Plastic Ono Band. I was of course already aware of Ono and the Plastic Ono Band project for years and even own one of the early albums. But I never took any of it seriously. Not until earlier this week when, on the occasion of the group's two concerts at BAM, WFMU's Brian Turner dedicated a big chunk of his program to the Plastic Ono Band, part of which included a recent interview with Yoko. Turner played a number of tracks for the newest album "Between My Head and the Sky" and, to put it simply, something clicked.

This sort of thing happens to me periodically – the sudden "discovery" of something that has been in my midst – and I am grateful when it does. The discovery of Ono's playful and quirky silliness, her willingness to sound ridiculous (to some), and her overall positive message charms me. And the vocal sounds she comes up with! Growls, purrs, clicks, howls etc., I am sure these have been described better elsewhere… all makes me laugh with joy.

I later downloaded the aforementioned album and I love it. Working with an ad hoc band of downtown freelancers under the direction of her son Sean Lennon, the album has the feel of an improv jam band, with a measure of funk and post-punk. My favorite track by far is actually a "house" dance number called "The Sun is Down." It's a great groove and Ono is in fine form riffing on the sun, the moon – "where the stars?" – and her mirror (she doesn't need it anymore; she's gonna throw it in the river). Definitely check this one out…..

Plastic Ono Band
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