I began my musical life in punk scene of my hometown of Washington, DC during the 1980s. I played in numerous bands throughout that decade before retiring from rock in 1989.

My musical journey took many twists and turns from there, including earning degrees in composition from CalArts and Mills College. Later I moved to New York City where I pursued a career as a composer, performer and curator. Eventually, in about the year 2012, I came to see myself a kind of amateur musicologist, and resolved to begin writing in earnest about my many musical interests.

Since that time, I have written for NewMusicBox, Musicworks Magazine, and The Brooklyn Rail, where I have carved out a niche as an observer and critic of punk, post-punk and industrial music.

In addition to these genres, I regularly write about contemporary avant-garde classical and experimental music, and my interests continue to be wide-ranging, including jazz, folk, ambient, techno and various non-western traditions. With over 30 years of professional and academic experience in music, I seek to further develop my profile as a writer and critic.


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