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Nov. Essays


My final essay in a four-part series published by the essential NewMusicBox web magazine. You can find all four pieces here: For the final installment on his series about what to do as a mid-career composer, @dcomposer asserts that, whatever the challenges, “we must keep fighting for our right to create music.” — […]



The first in a four-part series of essays I am writing throughout the month of November for NewMusicBox concerns what it means to be a mid-career composer: @dcomposer attempts to unravel what it means to be a #midcareer composer — NewMusicBox (@newmusicbox) November 2, 2017



My life as a music person is punctuated by periodic grand epiphanies (grand on a personal level that is), where seemingly out of nowhere a set of connections are suddenly made that bring into focus a particular artist or musical project in a way previously unseen. While I have smaller such epiphanies nearly on a […]



My piece on professional courtesy published on Thank You For Your Reply by @dcomposer | @NewMusicBox — New Music USA (@NewMusicUSA) December 11, 2014  

Silent Music


While collecting some writing samples for a proposal for a new article, I happened on this piece I wrote nearly two years ago that remains unpublished. I had nearly forgotten about it, but it contains some lingering questions that come up again from time to time as the discourse around silent music continues to grow. […]



My response to Daniel Asia's mean-spirited Huffington Post commentary on John Cage published in Dan Joseph reflects on Daniel Asia's @HuffingtonPost reaction to Cage — NewMusicBox (@newmusicbox) January 10, 2013    

Gen X


My piece on Generation X composers and their relative absence published by Dan Joseph is talkin' 'bout his generation – — NewMusicBox (@newmusicbox) December 5, 2012    


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